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How Do I know If I Have A Leaky Aura?

If you are an Empath who has tried every type of grounding or protective technique and still, nothing seems to work. Or you find yourself more irritable and negatively affected when spending time with people than you ever used to. It is most likely that you are experiencing a leaky aura.

Most Empaths realize they have a leaky aura when they experience near-constant exhaustion and fatigue after socializing.

Grounding and protection techniques don’t seem to work or make a difference to how you are feeling or experiencing energy. If anything you are overly sensitive and are struggling to enjoy life.

Photo Credit: @raevena_visual_artistScreenshot_20190904-131800.pngNegative energy is not the only culprit that can cause your leaky. Some of the biggest contributors are excessive stress, poor lifestyle choices, emotional pain, toxic people, toxic environments and drug-like foods.

A weakened body, weakens your energy field and is a key contributor to your leaky aura.

Your aura is affected by multiple factors, your thoughts, feelings, actions and words all affect the health and vitality of your Aura. Because of the law of attraction, depending on the what you think and feel, will determine, what you attract into your life. An Empath who is unaware that they have a leaky aura is not intentionally attracting what comes into their life. Without awareness and intention you have little to no control over what you are attracting. Protecting yourself from the low vibrations in your environment will absolutely be a struggle. Low vibrations will seep into your energy field even when you use techniques to stop them. You then end up vibrating at this same low frequency, attracting more of the same.

You know that as an Empath, you pick up the energy from those you are connected to. Due to your Empathic gift you will always pick up on negative or residual energy, inauthenticity, low moods, toxic people and bad vibes but if this negative energy seems to be, being absorbed in excessive amounts, this is an key indicator you have a leaky aura.

“The human aura emanates around us like a luminous egg-shaped sheath. The vibration of this energetic shield is fine and subtle. It is magnetic and draws in both negative and positive energy.”

If you have leaky aura, your energy is leaking out and the energy from others, is seeping in. This becomes etched within your auric field.  This is something that is progressive, that develops over time. If you are already experiencing the ill effects, the aura has most likely already ruptured.

There is another common problem, this is when the aura recedes. Because of your gift and the way you experience energy, you can develop a receded aura. Experiencing deep hurt and rejection or if something or someone made you feel unloved or unworthy, it can be an instinctual reaction to retract your energy field, trying to protect yourself from getting hurt again. You may feel like you want to be invisible and untouchable. Having the intention of not wanting to be seen, actually causes the aura to recede. If you desire to stay invisible, it actually becomes more than just a temporary state. Your aura destabilizes when it shrinks. Which absolutely makes sense, when you experience expansion in your energy field you feel empowered. When you withdraw your aura  dissipates leaving you feeling broken and weak. Therefore leaving you vulnerable to a weakened energy shield.

Leaky aura is bad news on so many levels, think about it, if you have a slice or a crack in your aura, that is letting in anything and everything, that can become quite toxic very quickly. It also explains why Empaths with a leaky aura become excessively influenced or drained by certain people. If you have a leaky aura, the energies of those close to you are pulled in with a magnetic-type force. So be extra intentional with those you choose to surround yourself with.

One of the biggest clues to whether or not you have a leaky aura is if you recall a time when you weren’t so badly affected by being around other people. If your aura is torn, you will take on so much more than you should. Which will affect you physically and mentally.

Here is the best part, you can heal your leaky aura, you just have to uncover where the initial pain is coming from. If this was simply a problem of energy overload, that made your aura weak, then a grounding technique or an energy hack would fix the problem. Most likely your pain is being triggered from within your body.

We all know that the mind, body and spirit are all connected. When one goes out of alignment it typically pushes the others out too. Your going to have to do some investigating!! It will be difficult to restore your aura to a healthy balance and you will continue to struggle being around the energy of others and any type of negativity, until you uncover the root of your pain.

Every Empath’s experience with leaky aura is different, but it is never pleasant, you tend to feel constantly dissatisfied, rundown or “out of it”. Until you heal, it will be difficult to become an empowered Empath, let alone an Empathic Gangster.

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