leaky aura | near-constant exhaustion and fatigue after socializing

If you’re not feeling so hot and you have tried every type of grounding, clearing or protective technique and still nothing seems to help you re-energize… you find yourself irritable and exhausted when spending time with people, than you ever used to. It is likely that you are experiencing a leaky aura.flamePhoto By: @raevena_visual_artist

A weakened body, weakens our energy field and is a key contributor to leaky aura.
At the end of the day everything we experience is our responsibility and is a direct reflection of how healthy we are on the inside. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, as one.

Our aura is influenced by multiple factors; thoughts, feelings, actions and words all affect our health and the vitality and efficiency of our Aura.

An Empath who is unaware that they have a leaky aura is unintentionally absorbing the energy around them. Without awareness, confusion is often the experience.

Our beliefs around our depth of struggle, is ultimately ours. We only struggle because we tell ourselves we are, otherwise it’s simply an experience.

It used to be taught that when experiencing a leaky Aura lower vibrations seep into our energy field, even when using techniques to stop them. Inevitably vibrating at this same low frequency, attracting a low vibrational reality. Now we know how to transcend this experience.

The error with the previous belief is that it is that of a victim stance, it is also solidifying a subconscious belief that we are matter and that we will most definitely be affected negatively by experiencing low vibrations. The truth is everything we experience is perfect. And we are not matter, we are energy. Simply translucent conduits of unconditional love, opaque, at absolute oneness with the magick that is the universe, there are no walls or barriers that separate us, we simply flow together as one, therefore all energies have the ability to flow through us.

Nothing is personal, we do not have to pick up or hold onto the energy from those we are connected to or surrounded by.

If you are always picking up negative energy and holding on to them ie inauthenticity, low moods, toxic relationships and bad vibes, let them go, they are not yours to keep. Nothing is ours.

“We have the ability to witness the toxicity around us,
yet not allow it to be about us.” -Torie

Fine slices and cracks can occur within your field, your energy leaks out and the energy from others seeps in. This is something that develops over time and if you are already experiencing the draining effects, the aura has most likely been punctured. It is however nothing to get dramatic about, acknowledge its state with you’re awareness and begin to love yourself in more delicate ways.

A leaky aura can be healed and our spirit guides and angels are surrounding us at all times, waiting to assist us. If this was simply energy overload, that made your aura weak, then grounding techniques or adequate rest would suffice.

A leaky Aura was onced explained as the result of an internal emotional pain that is being triggered from deep within our body, and that uncovering the initial pain was necessary for healing. However that belief is quite antiquated, there is no depth within our body, there really is no in our body. Besides the fact that emotions cannot be painful, for they are merely energy. It is the beliefs that one holds onto that give the illusion of pain. Separation from the universe is an illusion as well, one that keeps energy stagnant and unable to flow, often giving the perception that an internal body exists.

We all know that mind, body and spirit are all connected. What most have forgotten is what each one does. The mind keeps us safe, the body holds our soul and our spirit guides us! Be free Beloved!


This guided meditation is fantastic for a powerful clear! šŸŽ§

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