usPhoto Credit: Android Jones

What exactly was the Twin Flame connection?

In time, this connection was not something conceptualized by the mind, but an intuitive knowing experienced through one’s entire multidimensional existence—which inevitably set all free.

The Twin Flame experience was a direct line, string experience, tied directly to the creation of thy Self. A domino/butterfly effect, with a full feedback loop, like no other. A Twin Flame is a flawless mirror, and the Spirit elemental essence, of this experience. 

The Twin Flame experience was created by splitting my one soul experience into two individual magnificent experiences. Splitting again, as it entered each realm, dimension and reality—birthing feedback friends. Each experience encompassed and encapsolated masculine and feminine energetic properties. Perfectly designed to mirror thy counterpart, so when put together, they glow, as one unit of light.

Each Soul went on to live its own perfect life, have its own perfect experience, have its own perfect awarenesses—while simultaneously updating The Sun; being drawn back to “wholeness” and “wholesomeness”, ie the other half of itself/myself/thy Self.

Together, each partner/couple/union of Souls creates a complete beam of light. Capable of transcending all density and matter, which is perfect, as we begin to fly.

As the Twin Flame melded together, only one side of each individual melded, creating a stabilized fluid core between the two (invision a standing river of liquid gold), leaving one half of each individual to remain an individual (“solid”), therefore no one ever gets “lost”.

As the two melded and blended into one another
into a singular crystalline
glow, each prepared to BURST-OUT simultaneously.

Twin Flame partners assist ONE another. The entire ship is the great awakening, dual presents emanates Galactic knowing across this Uni-Verse as quantum conscious continuous ascension, flows through the open stargate, through the multiverse, forever more. 

*Not all Twin Flames were romantic, twin flame siblings began to emerge as the draw for prioritized sexual partnership dwindled, and the rise of the Intergalactic Rock Superstar and The Adonis, began.

I’m so excited to see you on, The Island!
Experience for yourself, where all comes together!


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