a twin flame connection

usPhoto By: Android Jones

There tends to be some confusion about what a Twin Flame connection actually is.

Mostly because the experience is not something that can be conceptualized by the mind, but simply experience through the heart.

I recently received a download bringing clarity around this connection.
“Soul mates,” are our spiritual family. Twin flames on the other hand are our perfect mirror, they are actually the other half of our soul. 

A twin flame experience is created when one soul splits into two individual experiences, as it enters the realm (not always on the same timeline). That soul then goes and lives its own perfect life, has its own perfect experiences, learns its own perfect lessons, while simultaneously being drawn back to its wholeness that is the other half of itself (red string theory).

Together we are whole, complete to transcend all density and matter. One is of the physical, the other of the spiritual. One partner is of the Gods and the other of alien descent, for this union is about marrying the physical and spiritual, unionizing gods and alien, melting black and white to ooz color, alchemizing spirit and consciousness to create magick.

Relations between Twin Flames tend to be on-again-off-again in the beginning, they are
intensely passionate and at some point are intensely painful. The reflection aspect that exists between the two, triggers one another into a crystalline body. 

Twin Flame partners help each other awaken like nobody’s business, ultimately their presents reflects truth. Not everyone is ready for the intensity in which this experience entails; patience, vulnerability and an openness to see, feel and receive your reflection, detached from identity.

Not all Twin Flames are romantic, I’ve personally witnessed Twin Flame siblings.

Here are some signs that you’re involved with your Twin Flame:
You are intensely drawn to each other.
It may even be difficult to explain, you just feel as though you’ve known this
person forever, even if you just met. 

You open eachother up to a completely new way of thinking.
You’ve “awakened” because of their love. Their mere presents invokes new ideas, beliefs and
theories about life. They are the magick, the pixie dust.

You tend to come in and out of eachothers lives.
Despite the fact that you love each other more than anything, one of you tends to be the “runner”
and seems to not be able to handle it, so they dissolve the relationship. It’s as though
your connection is too intense to be together consistently. However, if you allow yourself to transcend the initial 3D trigger storm, the more moments you spend and create together, the more you begin to blend and become one. 

They feel like home.
You immediately sense that you’ve known this person before.
Your connection is too intense for you to have just been strangers.

You are the epitome of yin and yang.
They seem to be your other half, the parts of you that were missing all along.
What you don’t realize is that they are actually the parts of you, you haven’t met yet.

Looking back, you see that the period of time
right after you’re with them is always defined by change.

They bring about intense transformation. Like “rip your heart out,
smash it into a million pieces and put it back together, properly” kind of intense. 

You will find yourself becoming irrationally emotional when you’re with them.
These feelings and energies are those that have been suppressed,
they are there to help you recognize what needs to be released.

Your bond is instantaneous, and your relationship moves very quickly.
You “click” immediately, as though you’ve known each other forever.
This bond only grows over time and the more you get to know about them,
the more in love you find yourself. 

It seems like you have this profound connection that must be destined,
but you come into one another’s life at the wrong time, or something
else stands in the way of you being together.

Divine timing is in charge!!

You are more than just lovers.
You are each other’s teacher, best friend, therapist and so on.
You have such a deep and layered connection that you do a lot
more for one another than just be romantic. 

Your relationship can be tumultuous at times.
Your Twin Flame serves to show you everything within you.
This is not to be confused with “love” being painful. Love is not painful.

One of you is more “spiritual” than the other.
One is more soulful, the other more practical. You teach each other
“the raw version” of how you think and behave. 

You feel very attuned to them
You can feel what they’re feeling, know what they’re thinking.
It’s as though you are one. Being able to decipher ‘whose stuff is who’s’ will serve you both,
more than you could ever imagine. 

When you look into their eyes, you feel like you see family
This is your soul recognizing someone it’s known before or someone it’s very close to.

For as different as you are, you have many similarities.
It may seem like you have similar “struggle stories”. Complete opposite lifestyle situations but the lessons’ and essential pivots were so divine that it’s almost as though they were contrived to lead you to one another. One or two things could just be coincidence but with a twin flame, you’ll probably have many overlapping similarities.

They show you, what you desire most.
Their purpose is not (and has never been) to make you feel “settled” or comfortable
but instead to help connect you to yourself and to the love that is the universe within
and around you.

Releasing the self, then allows love to simply be the experience.

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