The twin flame connection


usPhoto By: Android Jones

What exactly was a Twin Flame connection?

At a time, this connection was not something conceptualized by the mind, but an intuitive knowing experienced through one’s entire multidimensional existence.

The Twin Flame experience was a one time direct line sting experience, tied directly to the creation of whole self. A domino effect with a full feedback loop, like any other. A Twin Flame would be my perfect mirror, the other half of my soul. 

The Twin Flame experience was created by splitting my one soul experience into two individual experiences, splitting again as it entered each realm, dimension and reality, birthing feedback friends. Each experience favored either masculine or feminine energetic properties, perfectly designed to mirror its counterpart, so when put together they would glow as one unit of light. Each soul then went on and lived its own perfect life, had its own perfect experiences, learned its own perfect lessons, while simultaneously updating the Sun and being drawn back to its “wholeness”, ie the other half of itself/myself.

Together, each partner/couple of souls created a whole complete beam of light, capable of transcending all density and matter, perfectly as we were just preparing to fly.

As a Twin Flame melded together, only one side of each individual melded, creating a stabilized fluid core between the two (looks like a standing river of gold), leaving one half of each individual to remain an individual, therefore no one gets lost.

As the two melded and blended into one another
into a singular crystalline
glowing each prepared to BREAKOUT simultaneously

Twin Flame partners assisted each other and the entire ship in the great awakening, ultimately their dual presents emanated Galactic knowing across the Universe and the quantum ascension to open the stargate and create the metaverse, began. 

*Not all Twin Flames were romantic, twin flame siblings began to emerge as the draw for prioritized sexual partnership dwindled, and the dawn of the Superstar, and the Adonis began.

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