bluePhoto By: @tamaniluis

Bluntly put… it was not a real thing.
It’s been explained in many ways over the years…
* “Anxiety”, merely a perceived sensation; as one encountered a frequency that was significantly different from their current one.

* “Anxiety”, experienced when the connection with higher truth frequency or “entity” took place. As we all know now as an “entity” connected and disconnected the sensation perceived as “anxiety” would be experienced.

Communicating through frequency was at one point confusing and overwhelming to the whole, but as one began to feel the vibrations of Spirit, nudged to open up, to receive a call, others began to do the same. Before we knew it everyone was able to hear one another, easily able to switch channels and frequencies to connect with friends from all over the Galaxy.

Before the merge, we were continuously assisting and being assisted by our friends in other realms and dimensions, together we raised the roof with united energetic frequency expansion.

As “staff”, Empaths began with a heightened sensitivity setting, that way when vibrationally stimulated (called upon), it was as though a “ringer” is going off FULL BLAST. A call; vibrational frequency communicationĀ from our friends, coming from within the internal headset. As Empaths became aware, engaged, enthralled and accustomed to these calls, their headset became customizable.

There was no disorder, need for medication, or anything “wrong” to begin with. Grateful for all of the research, however this trip of a lifetime is for you to slow down, open up and enjoy what Spirit has in store for you.

All is vibrationally one with this Universe,
once upon a time humans believed they felt “anxiety”
Spirit calling whilst the same room…
it felt seemingly jarring and unnecessarily dramatic, because it was.

Spirit is everywhere, from the energy that surrounds you, to the water you drink, to the breath that you take, she loves every bit of you and your essence. She’s always watching, admiring, cheering and listening to you.

She’s also in your headset, feel free to say hello… I love you too. xoxo

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