Shifting PAIN into POWER

Anxiety Coping Mechanisms | What Dr.s Won’t Prescribe You

Are you so over feeling like your anxiety is NEVER going to go away?

What if I told you Anxiety is not what you think it is and that there is solution?

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So, I’m going to be straight up with you right out of the gate…
What DR.’s won’t prescribe you?…is the TRUTH!!

I have offered this theory to EVERY SINGLE one of my friends who has told me about their  “Anxiety”… And EVERY SINGLE one’s jaw dropped… looked at me and said,

Honestly, I really am about to lose it, if one more of my friends tells me they have “anxiety”! and that they are taking “MEDS”…

“MEDS” for what?! Being so vibrationally in tune with the Universe… that you can’t handle it? or did you not know ‘that’s’ actually what’s happening?!

So, when your in the “Raw Empath Stage”, it’s already confusing and overwhelming and then you start to feel the vibrations of the planet on top of that…

My theory is that as Empaths, because we are so vibrationally connected and have such a heightened sense of connection to the planet…

That’s what is actually happening,

That’s what your feeling,

Thats whats so overwhelming!

You don’t have anxiety,

You don’t need meds…

You just need some self awareness, to understand your Empathic gift and some grounding techniques AND that’s pretty much it.

Let me say that again, you are so vibrationally in tune with the Universe… that you think you have anxiety, but it’s really just your gift, sending you messages!

If you actually google the word “anxiety”, the definition it gives you is, “its a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying.

So really you don’t have ‘anxiety’, What you have… is a label, a label that Dr.’s can give to pretty much anyone, so that they prescribe anyone and everyone “meds”.

These meds do exactly what they are supposed to, they lower your vibration, dull your sensitivity and interfere with your connection to what’s going on around you.

So, now doesn’t it make so much more sense why everyone is being diagnosed with “anxiety”?!


Don’t get me wrong there are serious conditions like, PTSD. I’ve actually had many up close and personal, one on ones with those who suffer from it and that healing process is allot more invasive and intense.

There are chemical imbalances and hormonal imbalances, those are typically just related to unbalanced Chakras. That’s not what we are talking about here.

I am talking about “anxiety”, the blanket, cover all the bases “anxiety”…

I had a friend ask me, “Are you sure you want to talk about that, it’s kind of controversial?”

Things are only “controversial” when someone feels like they are being judged and are forced to defend themselves. I don’t think this is controversial at all. There is no judgement.

I just know, that I don’t appreciate being labeled and told there is something wrong with me, when there’s not. Especially when I’m being told there’s something wrong with me, strictly for profit. So I can only imagine other people would feel the same way.


We don’t realize it, but we are all so quick to give ourselves a label and a diagnosis…because that’s what we have been taught by our system. “label them, give a diagnosis and prescribe them a pill”.

If your feeling uncomfortable or uneasy… LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION!! It’s your bodies way of telling you something is off or something needs to be addressed, it’s typically either emotional or vibrational.

If you are having nervousness, fear, apprehension, and are worrying all the time…
DON’T FREAK OUT all of those things are related to mindset, your self worth and some perspective shifts… EVERY one of these things I just mentioned, can be handled, healed and rewired.

NO need for meds!

The point is, 99% of the things we are experiencing that don’t feel good, are uncomfortable or are overwhelming, they are just messages!! When your body is sick, that’s a message! Its your body screaming at you, saying “hey your lifestyle is shit, make better choices!” 

Take care of yourself, listen to what your body is saying and then do the work necessary to heal the problem, I can help you with that.

Your ‘meds’ are only a temporary solution, if you don’t get the message, it will still be waiting for you and calling your name, ‘meds’ or not.

Here’s where you can start….
Your Daily Goal is to intentionally raising your vibration,
in every decision than you make.

Some Fast Action Steps you can take today!

1. Exercise
2. Don’t drink alcohol
3. Don’t smoke cigarettes
4. Ditch the caffeine/ Reduce it
5. Get more sleep
6. Meditate
7. Eat a healthy diet, daily green juice
8. Practice breathing techniques
9. Use essential oils and aromatherapy
10. Drink chamomile tea

So now you know the truth and have a better understanding as to what anxiety really is, as well as some action steps you can start making today.  But you’ll also want to hon in more on your spiritual gift which is why I created Raising-Your-Vibration-101.
This will take raising your vibration to the next level.

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