Shifting PAIN into POWER

“Anxiety” | what doctors don’t tell you

What if I told you “Anxiety” is not what we’ve been told it is…bluePhoto By: @tamaniluis

I received a download around the true essence of this nation wide diagnosis of “anxiety”. I shared this information with all of my friends who have been diagnosed and currently taking medication for “Anxiety”. Each and everyone of their  jaws dropped… looked at me and said, “THAT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!”

When we are in the “Raw Empath Stage”, it’s often confusing and overwhelming and then we begin to feel the vibrations of the planet, to top it all off.

Over the last few decades or so we have been being assisted by higher entities, helping us raise the energetic frequency of this planet. Because we Empaths are so vibrationally connected and have such a heightened sense of connection to the planet, this “anxiety” is actually vibrational frequency communication from these higher entities.

“anxiety” is a direct reflection of our connection to our intuition. So the more anxious the anxiety is, that’s how far disconnected from our intuition we are.

You don’t have a disorder, you don’t need medication, you most likely need to simply slow down, open up and listen as to what the universe within you and outside of you is trying to convey.

Self awareness is an important step in understanding who we are and how our Empathic gifts play a factor in our experience here. When we couple our healing with self awareness, grounding rituals and a high vibrational lifestyle, anything is possible!

We are so vibrationally in tune with the Universe, that we believe we have “anxiety”
but it’s really just our gift receiving messages.

If you google the word “anxiety”, the definition it gives you is, “its a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying”.

So people don’t actually have “anxiety”, they have a label, a label that a doctor’s can give to pretty much anyone, so they now prescribing everyone medication.

These medications do exactly what they are supposed to, they lower your frequency, dull your sensitivity and interfere with your connection to Source/Christ Consciousness.

I understand why everyone is being diagnosed with “anxiety”.

If you are experiencing nervousness, fear, apprehension, and are worry all the time…
It’s nothing to freak out about, all of these things are connected to mindset and shadow work that can be addressed, healed and rewired.

99% of the things we are experiencing that don’t feel good or are uncomfortable/overwhelming, are simply messages. When our body is sick, that’s a message. It’s typically our body yelling out “hey your lifestyle is shit, make better choices, please!” 

Listen to what your body is saying, be kind, patient and loving with yourself, there is necessary work and healing to be done.

Medication is delaying the inevitable, if we can’t receive the messages that are intended for us, they don’t just go away, they continue to try to reach us… typically through an outburst in our behavior.

Here’s a great place to start:
Set your daily intention to raise your vibration. Raising your vibration will reduce vibrational overwhelm and allow messages to flow more effortlessly. Couple this with an intentional intuition aligning meditation (I did this one daily, until I was no longer thinking about life, but was living it.)

Changes that make a great impact on our vibration

1. Daily exercise, walking, stretching
2. Eliminating alcohol
3. Eliminating cigarettes
4. Ditch the caffeine/ Reduce it
5. Get more quality sleep
6. Meditate, guided meditations are fantastic!
7. Eat a healthy diet, daily green juice
8. Practice breathing techniques
9. Essential oils and aromatherapy
10. Drink chamomile tea

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